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Nine cares to prevent skin aging

After blowing out 25 candles, an important task appeared: take care of the skin to delay the appearance of wrinkles. At this age, the natural oiliness of the skin will decrease, which will lead to dry skin. Brown spots also appear in the sun. When you smile, inconvenient lines will appear around your eyes.

Admittedly, these marks are cautious, but they have shown that your skin no longer accepts any insult: a carelessness is enough to make a new sign appear. But don’t panic – there are some simple habits that can help you prevent these unnecessary traces and keep your skin glowing at this stage.

Clean well

At any age, cleanliness is the key to keeping skin healthy and bacteria free. It should be made with soap specified by a dermatologist. It is also very important to use facial supplements, because it can regulate the pH value of skin and promote the penetration of other cream. Apply chamomile tea to your eyes and let it stand for 20 minutes. This technique can lead to vasoconstriction and improve skin pigmentation.

drop bad habits

Eating a lot of fat, drinking and smoking are the three bad guys with beautiful skin. Dermatologists emphasize that it is very important to use good sunscreen, maintain a healthy diet, prohibit smoking and don’t drink too much alcohol. These toxic substances accumulate and affect the whole body, including the skin.

Use a good makeup remover to let the skin breathe

For those who are too lazy to take off their makeup before going to bed, this warning is worth it: it is a mistake that seriously damages the beauty of their skin. Dermatologists say the idea is to use a good makeup remover, which can deeply clean and dredge pores and let the skin breathe.

Never forget sunscreen

Using sunscreen is crucial to the health and beauty of your skin. In addition to helping prevent cancer, it also helps prevent freckles, which increase with age. Dermatologists suggest that you choose the product that is most suitable for your skin type every day, rain or shine. For example, if the product is more greasy, it is worth investing in oil-free products.

Use an effective moisturizer

Dermatologists say that as the natural oil of the skin begins to decrease, dryness, itching and purple spots may appear. In order to reverse this process that may lead to skin aging, it is ideal to invest heavily in hydration. ” Professionals recommend taking a short bath with clean water at room temperature, then replenishing a lot of water, and using specific moisturizers for face and skin types.

Start using anti-aging products

A good anti-aging product needs to be used since childhood. Topical use of retinoic acid containing vitamin A is a good choice. By accelerating cell renewal and collagen production, they can prevent and treat signs of aging. For example, nocturnal acids, such as glycolic acid, are powerful antioxidants that can be used to prevent, protect and correct cell aging.

Avoid sagging

We recommend using vitamin C based cream to keep skin tight. This type of product helps to produce collagen and prevent sagging. Heavier aesthetic treatments, such as RF, can also be used, but only when the disappearance of facial contour becomes more obvious.


Exfoliation is important for skin cell renewal. This deep cleansing can stop the aging of specific products, so as to penetrate the skin more effectively and produce more obvious effects. ” Dermatologists suggest that this method can still remove stains on the surface. But be sure to moisturize your skin after exfoliation, especially when your skin is dry.

Treatment and prevention of stains

In addition to good sunscreen, chemical and laser peeling are also good indications for skin with age spots. We suggest that once a month, a crystal skin removal, moisturizing mask and photo bio irritation skin cleaning will bring good results.

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