You are currently viewing Christmas is still one day away! The best skin care tips make you look more beautiful on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is still one day away! The best skin care tips make you look more beautiful on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is coming. It’s time to get your skin ready for the party. This is the secret of “accident home” for you! Through health, sunscreen and moisturizing care, combined with special treatments such as peeling, exfoliating and facial mask, keep your skin healthy and beautiful at these special moments. Come and see!

Always keep hygienic, moisturizing and protective!

Hygiene, moisturizing and sunscreen are necessary steps to create beautiful and healthy skin during the festival. Especially under the pressure of skin in summer and this season, such care becomes essential.

Cleaning your skin at the beginning and end of the day is a habit and should always be part of your daily care, because it helps to remove urban pollution, greasy and impurities in cosmetics and other products. It is very important to use the ideal soap for your skin type for sanitary cleaning, so as to avoid pore blockage and carnations and acne.

Another step to prepare the skin for the year-end party is moisturizing, which makes the skin look young, healthy and compact. By properly moisturizing your skin, you can prevent wrinkles, peeling, itching, roughness and skin sensitivity. You should not forget sunscreen. Sunscreen should be modified every two hours to effectively combat premature aging, defects and greasiness.

Exfoliation: renew the skin regularly

At this time, another treatment that can prepare your skin for the holiday is exfoliation. It can be used on the face and body to help the skin renew by removing dead cells and impurities that make the skin look aging and dry. In addition, exfoliation can make other skin products play a more effective role by deeply cleaning, releasing pores and improving skin respiration.

Before exfoliating, you need to know your skin type. Normal and dry skin can be exfoliated once a week, oily skin can be exfoliated twice at most, and sensitive skin can be exfoliated once every 15 days at most. If you are acneic, please consult your dermatologist and follow their advice. Using exfoliation can not only stimulate the production of new cells containing more collagen, but also avoid blackheads, acne and inward growing hair.

Special facial moisturizing products are essential

Department of Dermatology doctors warn that the use of moisturizing cream specially formulated for face will increase sunlight exposure and alcohol intake, which is common at year-end parties. Facial skin is usually thinner than the body, which leads to more sebaceous glands and more sensitive. Therefore, applying products suitable for the body on the face, especially at the end of the year when the face is more injured, may produce allergic pictures, increase oiliness and stimulate the area.

Facial Masks: the benefits of using it

Those who seek special treatment on Christmas, new year’s Eve and friends to make skin more beautiful can choose facial mask. The effects of these skin care products can be observed immediately. This is because the mask formula contains a high concentration of active substances. If you want to achieve better results in the treatment process, please follow the following three steps for complete daily care to obtain healthy and beautiful skin.

Mask can provide various benefits for your skin, such as restoring facial vitality, replenishing water, anti-aging, detoxification, increasing brightness and even reducing pores. When choosing the ideal mask, consider your skin type and needs. A valuable suggestion is to remove the mask with hot water after the designated use time. This will give your skin a fresh feeling.

Peeling: make the skin brighter and brighter

Before Christmas, peeling is also a good choice for treating skin. It is called stripping because the process updates cells by stripping. A good peel can reduce defects, wrinkles, signs and damage, and make the skin look more beautiful and uniform.

Choose physical or chemical peeling according to your needs and skin type. The first is to immediately improve the skin color, texture and skin pigmentation by inducing peeling agents, such as sandpaper and scrub. Chemical peeling is achieved by using agents such as salicylic acid and retinoic acid. These agents can remove the surface layer of the skin and make the skin have a better appearance in future regeneration.

These skin care tips will help you look beautiful on Christmas Eve and make you shine among others. Maybe you have other beauty tips to share with us. We’d be happy to hear your suggestions.

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