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How to care for your skin according to your age

Over the years, the skin has lost its hardness. To slow down this process, a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) is essential, but you can do more. There are other tips to keep perfect skin longer.

With age, the skin will lose its elasticity and firmness. A balanced diet and healthy living habits can help slow down cell aging.

But to make your skin look younger, you must take good care of it. In every stage of our life, leather has special needs, which you should not ignore.


Over time, our skin will change, and there are appropriate treatments for each age group. However, regardless of the year, the key is not to forget:

  • Maintain proper daily hygiene. Daily makeup removal and / or facial cleansing is essential. And weekly exfoliation to remove dead cells and activate cell renewal.
  • Moisturize the inside of the skin. Water is essential to maintain the elasticity and luster of the skin.
  • Use sunscreen. The sun will grow old. Protect face and hands with at least SPF 15.
  • Against pressure. It’s bad for you because it causes hormonal fluctuations and destroys the stability and defense of the epidermis.
  • Adequate sleep. When you sleep, your skin works, which is why rest is essential for it to recover from the invasion of the day. Sleep for at least 7 hours.

35, Start taking care of yourself

At this age, the skin microcirculation deteriorates. If you don’t pay attention, the skin will become darker. There may also be the first signs of fatigue, such as bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes, as well as the first expression line around the eyes and mouth.

  • Protect yourself from attack. You need a more comprehensive moisturizer in the morning. It has sunscreen and antioxidant functions, such as vitamin E and green tea, which can prevent free radical attacks caused by pollution, radiation and stress.
  • Take care of the contour of the eyes. Choose light products, massage gently from temples to tears, activate circulation and relieve congestion of eye bags.
  • Exfoliate as usual. It is essential to remove dead cells that make the skin gray, thereby promoting cell renewal. If your skin is thick, do it twice a week. If your skin is thin, do it every 15 days.
  • Replenish the body with water every day. At this age, the skin begins to show signs of dryness. To eliminate these symptoms after a shower, be sure to use a good moisturizer.

Up to 45 for stability

From the age of 40 to 45, if no measures are taken to fight it, the signs of the passage of time will become obvious. The pores are more obvious, with black spots and smaller wrinkles. You can fight if…

  • -Fade black spots: in order to reduce pigmentation due to hormone changes and excessive sunlight, use a decolorizing cream containing sunscreen every day.
  • – fill wrinkles: use eye contour every night and face cream containing retinol, peptide and hyaluronic acid. These assets stimulate cell renewal and the formation of collagen and elastin to fill wrinkles from the inside.

Body in top shape

It is also important to keep healthy. In addition to regular exercise, you can also use cosmetics to provide you with additional help.

  • Prevent skin loss. By reducing the production of collagen and elastin, your skin begins to show signs of relaxation. Choose lotion containing retinol palmitate or silicone, which can help your body build more supporting fibers. If you want faster results, add a few drops of rose seed oil to your cream.
  • Lighten your heavy legs. If you are prone to bruises or varicose veins, or if your legs are swollen, apply a cream that promotes circulation (including menthol, ginseng or horseshoe).

Nutrition and elasticity at the age of 50

With menopause, estrogen decreases, resulting in less sebum and sweat. As a result, if you don’t take full care of yourself, your skin will become drier, dehydrated, fragile and sensitive. On the other hand, the activity of melanocytes responsible for coloring the epidermis decreases or stops working, so the skin will become pale and spots will increase.

Pay attention to the skin of the face and neck

Over the years, the face and neck – a huge forgotten part – need some beauty aids that provide nutrition, density and clarity:

  • Use compact cream. Oval face, chin and neck are easy to sag. The skin loses thickness, the capillaries become more obvious and the wrinkles become more obvious. It is time to use calcium containing cream (which helps to form lipids that strengthen the skin barrier), or to use soy, iris or clover isoflavones, which activate collagen and elastin through thickening the skin.
  • Intensive treatment. Two times a year (spring and Autumn), the essence of vitamin and vitality extract is used for 20 days of intensive beauty treatment to make the skin full of vitality.

Take care of your body

  • Often do some relaxing exercises. Physical exercise is essential for staying agile, strengthening bones, maintaining the right weight and maintaining muscle mass. When muscles are well conditioned, sagging will be reduced and the body will look younger.
  • Fine cleaning. Avoid anything that accelerates skin dehydration: shower too hot, take a long bath, use horsehair gloves every day… Use sensitive skin gel containing soothing ingredients such as oatmeal and bisoprolol.
  • Extra nutrition. When the skin on the body becomes dry, replace body milk with cream or better body butter. They contain a higher proportion of nutrients and protective ingredients (Jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa), which can strengthen the skin barrier and prevent dehydration.

Extra help with your hair

  • A more beautiful mane. After menopause, your hair falls off more. Apply anti hair loss lotion before bed, at least 3 times a week. Choose a formula specially designed for women, which contains active ingredients that nourish blood (vitamins and minerals) and activate microcirculation (essential oil).
  • Calms the itch. By reducing sebum, the scalp is more sensitive. To keep skin moisture and irritation in the area, apply the mask to the roots.

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